Testing the new BLOG FEATURE How to promote your law practice in a way that feels authentic and won't annoy people

Testing the new BLOG FEATURE How to promote your law practice in a way that feels authentic and won't annoy people

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When promoting your law practice, it's easy to get caught up in trying to sell yourself and your services, avoiding a way that feels overly pushy and aggressive. Doctors and attorneys are often taught to be assertive because they are experts, but this can hurt credibility when promoting in other areas like social media marketing, where authenticity is key.

For example, if I were to write something like "Want better rankings for your website? Let me optimize them FOR YOU!" it probably won't go over too well with the doctor or attorney audience. My doctor or lawyer follower might know that they need help ranking their site but don't want someone coming off as annoying by being so direct about it. They see an article or read a piece in the Wall Street Journal and want to understand what needs to be done. They don't want to be sold something. They already get that they need help and are actively looking for it, but without feeling like someone is trying to "upsell" them.

Marketers might be thinking, "This doctor or lawyer doesn't know what they really need yet, so I should take advantage of that." But working with a doctor or attorney, they're probably not working with clients who are at a complete loss regarding their marketing needs.

When working with professionals, you usually work with people who understand the basics, and all you need to do is show them how to do it better.

So rather than trying to sell first, when selling to and for experts, focus on educating the prospect and offering insight upfront.

However, selling marketing services is different than selling legal services or medical procedure sales.

You don't want to try and sell before offering time or resources:

Selling Legal and medical services is about showing what you can do for them and why it's beneficial for them to hire you over other professionals. (Even if it's only a free 15-minute consultation.)

The ultimate goal, in this case, is trust. Lawyers and Doctors must build trust with their audience and show that they understand the problem and have solved it many times so that when someone is ready to take action, you come to mind. Everyone wants the best, not the second-best.

For example, if you're a doctor or attorney, when it comes to the legal field, more people will want a big-name (and big-fee) lawyer than one who is still learning how to do what the first lawyer has done for years. It's similar in medical care - patients will often choose the doctor with years of experience over the doctor just out of school no matter how many times you tell them that they've had 3 times as much training as you have and that you'll be fine because you're already ahead of 99% of other doctors.

You might say, "But hey, I'm better!". And yes, maybe initially, before your audience sees your work, they think this... but it wears off if they see actual results the other expert can show them. And if they don't see results, then you risk them thinking that doctor with years of experience and several happy clients is the one who might be able to help them. So they'll go back to not trusting that doctor who doesn't have years of experience.

So for doctors and lawyers, avoid trying to sell before providing value or explaining what's needed - but instead focus on offering reassurance by showing your knowledge and expertise in this area without trying too hard to sell.